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Dyer Strategies, Political Consultant, Richmond, VA

Our Services

Our team provides a tailored approach to every finance plan in order to help maximize your fundraising efforts. After assessing the current and past performance of your finance operation, we offer the following services:

Dyer Strategies, Finance Planning, Richmond, VA

Finance Plan

We determine the realistic goals for your campaign and assist with the creation of a comprehensive finance plan and budget. 

Dyer Strategies, PAC and Cacus member Funding, Richmond, VA

PAC Fundraising

We help create a personalized PAC plan for the Primary and/or General Elections. 

Dyer Strategies, Political Event Planning, Richmond, VA

Event Planning

We develop a comprehensive event schedule, including house parties, Meet & Greets, major donor receptions, low-dollar events, and more. 

Dyer Strategies, National Fundrasing, Richmond, VA

Washington, DC and
National Fundraising

We manage your fundraising events in Washington, D.C. and other cities with individuals and help prospect individual donors based on your specific campaign in select cities across the country.

Dyer Strategies, Finance Planning, Richmond, VA

Call Time Program

We develop and facilitate an efficient and effective call time program. We will train and supervise staff as needed, and assist with new donor prospecting based on the Candidate’s background, district,

and experience.

Dyer Strategies, Hire Fundrasing Staff, Richmond, VA

Fundraising Staff

We help you hire the staff you need to succeed. We assist in the creation of job descriptions for your fundraising staff and help find and interview qualified applicants. We will train that staff on all aspects of finance operation and supervise them as needed.

Dyer Strategies, Finance Committee and Fundrasing, Richmond, VA

Finance Committee and Surrogate Fundraising

We develop a specific finance committee system to fit your campaign’s needs and goals. We assist your campaign with prospecting of members and create and assist with management of surrogate fundraising strategy, based on surrogate availability.

Dyer Strategies, Grassroots Fundrasing, Richmond, VA

Grassroots Fundraising

We review, edit, and format correspondence tailored to your campaign (direct mail, thank you letters, etc.) whether by mail or email. We also help create a comprehensive direct mail/email solicitation and re-solicitation plan.

Dyer Strategies, Finance Planning, Richmond, VA


We help to develop successful tools for contribution tracking, reporting, and disbursements. We also facilitate the cleaning and organization of your database through the creation of a system for tracking pledges, income, and overall progress of your campaign.

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